Deodorant Update

I made deodorant on Friday and said I would report back in a few weeks, well I lied, I’m going to report my findings now.

David came home Saturday from Seattle, so I of course did my customary house scrubbing.  I try and make it look like I didn’t let the girls destroy the house all week, or as I tell him to cover up the wild parties we had.  😉

Getting a week of house cleaning crammed into a few hours will of course ensure that I’m a nasty mess by the time I’m done.  I had put on my deodorant the day before after my shower, and yet there was no stink.  I had also given some of the deodorant to my sister, because turning as many people into tree hugging hippies as I can is a goal of mine.  She went on a major house cleaning bender yesterday (to feng shui your home you must first make it look like a 4 year old, 2 dogs, and 2 adults don’t live there .. hehe), and informed me that she too worked up the epic “I cleaned the house” sweat and did not stink.  I’d say two clean homes, and two non-stinky hippies means the deodorant works.  😀

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