Egg Salad Sandwich

For lunch today my two year old asked for “pea-ut butter jelly time” (think of the dancing banana here, yes that’s where she got it) I was going to have some too because my homemade strawberry jam is rather fabulous if I do say so myself (and so have a few others, so I know I’m not tooting my own horn here), but then I realized my dietary restrictions today include no seeds.  Strawberries have seeds.  Blast!  So after I got my kids settled I looked into the fridge and remembered that I had wanted an egg salad sandwich at Whole Foods the other day, but they were out.  Conveniently enough I had eggs, and my homemade mayo.

Incredible edible egg!

I cut the eggs in half, then used my handy dandy pastry blender to chop them up further.  After that I added some mayo until it was not dry  (but not mayo with a bit of egg), scallion, salt, pepper, and Spike Seasoning.

Maybe I should have added some celery for a little crunch and color, but I was hungry and it tasted pretty good as it was.

This was my second sandwich.  😉

I think I will be revisiting the egg salad sandwich with homemade mayo again, but next time with homemade bread!

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