Herbs and Spices

I love fresh herbs and spices, and really who doesn’t? I’ve been in the process of making something more than once to find that I don’t have what I need. Once I had sage on hand, but not ground. Uhhh … crap. I of course happen to be a gadget freak, and while that causes issues with cabinet space it comes in handy for random instances such as the above mentioned sage issue. How?

A coffee grinder!

While making my BBQ sauce I ran out of black pepper. So I got down my coffee grinder, which for the record has not ground coffee in nearly 6 years, and filled it up with peppercorns.

Loading up the grinder.

Fill the grinder up until the blades are just covered and go to town until you get the desired coarseness.

Mmm fresh black pepper!

There will be some bigger pieces left still more than likely as not all will make it to being powder fine. Fresh is delicious! 😀

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