Recycling Crayons

Today brought an impromptu lesson with my eldest that I will explain more about in another post. When my youngest got done with her bath she asked to do lessons as well and I asked her what she wanted to do. Her answer was “lassens!”. Alrighty I see this is going to go real far. So I picked a topic to Google for her. Crayons! She’s been so into coloring lately that I figured it was right up her alley. Low and behold the YouTube videos happened to have the old Sesame Street clip on crayon making (it was played when *I* was a kid). So we watched that, and then one about markers being made.

Here’s where I admit that I tend to hoard things sometimes. Things like broken crayons, because they’re still totally usable just not as nice as unbroken crayons. So I have a ziplock bag I keep on the bookcase of crayons I find that have met their match with one of my kids. Today I decided it was time to use them!

Not exactly like normal crayons .. but much cooler!

The directions are simple. Get a muffin tin and drop in silicone baking cups. Or if you want shapes you can pick up different shapes (like stars and hearts) at Michael’s. I had the baking cups on hand from making wax tarts awhile back so I used them. Take the broken crayons, remove the paper. Break up more if needed and drop into each baking cup as you see fit. Nola used all the pink she could locate. I used blues, greens, and brown. Sophia was all over the deep red/purple, red, and of course orange. Once you have what you want where you want it just pop it in the oven and turn it to 150-200 (you can pre-heat if you like, but it’s not a must). I didn’t time it I just peeked into the oven and they were all melted so I turned it off and let it cool down. Wait until it’s totally cooled off and then pop them out, and then color!

Heading into the oven...

Blue and yellow are my 2 favorite colors. πŸ™‚


I suppose at this point you could swirl it more with a toothpick, or just leave it.

Be careful not to break them when taking them out of the mold you use.

Yay! New crayons!

You may find you have to warn your 4 year old that they are NOT for eating. Luckily she asked being taking a chomp out of one. O_o

One thought on “Recycling Crayons

  1. I never thought to use muffin tins. But I have used old soap molds. You have to melt the crayons on the stove and then pour them into the soap mold, but it works great too! Love the idea. Now to clean out the craft shelf!

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