Homemade Butter

In my honey wheat bread post a few days ago I made mention of homemade butter. I love homemade butter. My kids love homemade butter. Nola asks for it with homemade bread. It’s like .. well .. bread and butter together. 😉

When I was back in Texas I found a page showing how to make homemade butter with pure muscle by shaking the hell out of a container. I admit I used that method up until a few weeks ago. I stumbled upon a much easier method. Yes, Pinterest was involved, how did you know? Since then homemade butter has been a staple.

This is why here Meg, this is why were here.

You only need a few things here.

Food Processor
Heavy Cream
Cheese cloth (or if you’re me and cannot find any you’ll use either a clean cloth with as little fuzzing as possible or paper towels)
2 Bowls (or a plate and a cup .. one for the butter, one for the butter milk)
Salt, optional

RIIP Black and Decker Quick and Easy Pro 😦

The best milk comes from Strauss Family Creamery!

Glass milk bottles are love.

In goes the heavy cream.

Start on high or low, your choice. High is faster but louder, and low is slower but less like a jet in your face.

You'll notice it's thickening up.

Then it seems to "fall apart". The milk fat (butter) is separating from the liquid (buttermilk).

Pour out the buttermilk .. but DON'T pour it down the drain!! It's fat free milk for the most part, and tasty.

What’s with the glass of ice water? Pour the cold water into the food processor bowl and give it a whirl again, and then drain. Repeat until there’s no more hazy water coming out. Apparently buttermilk left in will cause the butter to turn faster. Not that it ever lasts long enough around here to find out.

See, there's water still in there that needs to come out and it's still a little milky.

At this point you’ll need to use that cheese cloth and strainer to pour out the butter as not to lose any, and then squish the butter and make sure all the milk and water is out. I pop it in the freezer for a few minutes and then squish it up, pat it off with a paper towel and do that until I’m happy that it’s not loaded with liquid. You can mix in salt if you like, but I never have.

Mmm butter!

What?! That's not butter ... but mmmm it's delicious!

Carbohydrate pr0n!!

Oh yeah!

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