Beeswax Lotion

I mentioned in my last post that I had an incoming order from BrambleBerry.  With shipping my order was almost $40, which seems asinine to me to be honest, but I still think it’s worth it.  Thus far I’ve whipped out 2 pint jars of beeswax lotion, a half pint jar of deodorant, and 7 tubes of lip balm (the deodorant and lip balm will be different posts).  Despite all that I still have a decent amount of stuff left so I can make myself a perfume solid, or homemade vapor rub if the need arises (Sophia has been sick and congested quite a bit since Nola started at the charter school).


Yes, it's really got a green-ish yellow color like that....


The Beeswax Lotion is insanely easy to make.  I managed to do it despite a long day and glasses induced headache!  The recipe was found at A Sonoma Garden.



1 cup Olive Oil

1/2 cup Coconut Oil

1/2 cup Beeswax (pastilles for easy melting, 2oz of solid wax)

1/2 teaspoon Vitamin E Oil

20 drops (or so) of any essential oil of choice … totally option of course


Put everything in a pint jar except the vitamin E and essential oils.   Then place the jar in a water bath being careful not to get water into the jar.  Let it get all melty over medium heat, stir occasionally,  and then take it out of the water.  As it’s cooling off mix it up with a fork every 10-15 minutes so it turns out creamy.  Once it’s at room temperature add in the vitamin E and essential oil and you’re done.

A little goes a long way so as tempting as it might seem to drop a good teaspoon size blob in your hand be warned that you do not need to, and if you did you’d be lotioning up your hands, arms, and likely legs too.  😉

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