Murphy’s Law

I believe in my last post I made a comment about this trip going smoothly…

It came back to bite me in the rear. Already! *sigh*

Tuesday evening I went out for some peppermint and chocolate goodness for David. I got out of our complex and noticed that the van was making a really funny noise. I pulled over, checked the drivers side tires – all fine. I walked around the front and took one look at the passenger side and found what was making the noise. A totally, completely, 100% flat rear tire. I called David and then drove SLOWLY back home. Our neighbor came over with his compressor, and we discovered quickly that I had run over something that put a hole the diameter of a pen in my tire. Awesome.

Wednesday morning we were up bright and early and to the tire shop right as they opened. We got a new tired mounted, got it home and on the van, and then we turned around and took the van back to the tire shop to get the other 3 tires. We never get just a pair of tires. David is an all or nothing sort of person. Come to find out the tires on the van were as old as Sophia! They also ended up replacing the front brake pads and flushing the brake lines.

Last week I had the oil changed, tires rotated (LOL!), and power steering checked out (low fluid). Now this … we’re a solid $1000 into getting the van into prime condition. *head desk* I will NOT make any remarks about how well it best run on our trip. *knock on wood*

Now back to packing clothes and cleaning the house.

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