Oil Pulling

I saw a pin on Pinterest about oil pulling and of course I seemed skeptical, not unlike with all of the crunchy things I’ve come across over the years.

I tried coconut oil the first day. Let me just say that after 20 minutes of rather half heartedly swishing it around, and then giving it a good swish at the end … It seems to thicken up. The really bad part is when you have epic gag reflex. I didn’t hurl, but I came dangerously close.

Later that day I went to Whole Foods and got sunflower oil…


Yes, that’s Bath & Body Works lotion you see back there. Shush. 😛

It’s not nearly as bad as coconut oil. It still seems to “thicken” a bit near the end. What I have noticed is that the film that forms on my teeth throughout the day is far less, even with a few cups of coffee.

I’ve not really seen the health benefits yet, but in skipping it for 2 mornings I really noticed the daily buildup. I guess I’ll have to wake up at a decent hour (before the kids) if I want to have clean feeling teeth all day long. 😉

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