August Frugal Food Challenge

August is the start of a few months worth of crazy for me.  In the past all activities in the house have revolved around Nola.  School, soccer, Girl Scouts.  Well, Sophia turns 5 on Thursday (noooo!) and it’s her turn to start school, soccer, and Girl Scouts as well.  I’d mentioned in a prior post that I was doing AYSO coach training.  I’m coaching BOTH my girls teams.  O_O   My time is going to be limited.  With 4 practices each week (2 for each team) until games start on August 18th (then down to 1 practice and 1 game per week), soccer camp the first week of August, school starting on August 20th, and getting doctors appointments done for both girls out of the way I am going to be busier than ever before.  Oh did I mention that we may very well be moving units within the complex in the next few weeks?  Because that might happen too.


What am I getting myself into?!  I know I need to make a solid plan for meals or I’m going to end up at Papa Murphy’s a few times a week, and that just can’t happen.  Two VERY active kids are going to need good meals.  Nola will be having bagged lunches going to school since we cannot afford nearly $4 a day for their organic lunches (Sophia is half day, lunch at home like normal for her).  The school takes a very firm stance on junk food not being brought in, and I’m perfectly okay with that.  It just means I need to plan on more than just PB&J.

Bountiful Baskets will help me with keeping produce costs down bi-weekly.  The only problem there is the basket is a mystery until I see it.  Not so great for planning ahead, but I can do it!  I want to try and avoid processed foods as much as I can.  Though sometimes a box of Zatarain’s red beans and rice paired with some turkey kielbasa is what happens, and I’m okay with it – so long as it’s remains the exception.

Inexpensive, but still healthy.

I’m going to be heading out to Alameda again to see my friend Stephanie and her three kiddos.  Once I get back I’ll plan as much as I can, especially for days where we won’t be home from practice until well after David is home.  I think he’ll have to help more than I want to admit.  😉

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