Bountiful Baskets August 11, 2012

Post typed up … Firefox freaks out on me. I hate you Firefox.

Recap of lost post: Didn’t volunteer, too tired, and decided final lazy weekend before craziness of soccer is in full swing was in order. Basket was best I’ve seen so far.

Look at that!!

Haul: 1 bunch celery, 1 bunch broccoli, 2 heads lettuce, 1 package mushrooms, 1 bunch kale, 4 green bell peppers, 2 tomatoes, 8 bananas, 1 bag cherries, 1 melon, 2 mangoes

Cost: $16.50

The mangoes and cherries, which I suspect is over a pound, would run me $10+ in most any grocery store around here. Making this basket even more awesome.

Lettuce – Lots of salads and cheese and lettuce sandwiches
Broccoli – Steamed or broccoli salad
Bell Peppers – Stuffed with beef, rice, and mushrooms
Tomatoes – I think I’ll have David make his cold pasta salad with tomato sauce
Kale – Stir-fry with remainder of mushrooms, carrots, tofu, red bell pepper, onion
Celery – No clue. Still have almost an entire package from Costco in the fridge. I might have to put on The Wonderpets and give the girls celery every time The Wonderpets pass it out…

The fruit will be consumed by the spawn with ease. They’ve already gone after the bananas – Sophia pointed out they were yellow and promptly grabbed one shortly after I snapped the picture. 😛

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