I hate moving…

We moved a whopping 161 feet. I know it sounds rough, but we did it all with a minivan, a Prius, 1 appliance dolly, and 1 furniture dolly. We may or may not have used my parents truck to move 2 twin size mattresses and 2 “bunky boards” as well. 😉

The old unit is empty and I give back the keys and garage door openers today. That means I get to spend my weekend putting things away. I tried to get things organized as I went along, but as anyone who has ever moved knows by the time you get halfway through you’re just chucking stuff in any corner you can find. I really need my laundry baskets back too. Oh and Monday is my birthday. I’d really like to have a clean organized house so I can relax and not feel like I need to unpack things. 😛

Somehow in the jumble of the last few weeks a rather important bill went by unnoticed, and we had to double up the payment. We also had $160 in school fees for the girls, and almost $60 for soccer photos. So the bank account is lower than David likes, as he always wants a little bit of a buffer just in case, because you never know when you’ll have a co-pay for something or another (like the ER or for our POS van). I had wanted to go to the rib cook-off for my birthday, but since that can be disgustingly expensive I told David I would be more than happy to make up a dry rub to accompany my homemade BBQ sauce if he would grill me some ribs instead. He agreed. 😀

Both girls are now in school so I will have 4 whole hours every day to do stuff! I will be doing lots of cooking, baking, and making of things this winter for sure!!

Now to get this place back to normal…. O_o

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