Thrift Store Score!

Thursday was payday, and it was also 25% off day for the club card holders. I had promised Sophia a pair of pants with a gem on the button as she was distraught when she found out Nola’s new pair had it. My 5 year old is a clothes addict, only further proven by the hysterics she was driven to today when I sat her down to go through her ungodly amount of clothes. I have a thrift store problem, and she has an older sister who is not much larger than she is, so hand-me-downs are the norm. I do like to get her “new to her” things, because her tastes in clothes do NOT mirror her sisters.

So Thursday I went into Savers since it’s a whopping .2 miles from there to the school. I found an acceptable pair of pants with a gem on the button, and pink embroidered stars on the thigh. I usually cruise the housewares to look for any cast iron pans. I have 2 skillets, so unless there’s a Wagner that is priced right I usually pass on those. I’ve been trying to find a dutch oven though, because I don’t want to spend the $30 to get one from Amazon. Also cast iron used = seasoned well (unless of course someone has mistreated it and it’s gotten rusty, but that can be remedied easily). Thursday though I was a little pressed for time since I was cutting it too close for comfort, but I figured I could glance quickly as the cast iron spot in housewares is easily seen from the first register. And what did I see?

Enamel Dutch Oven!!

After my 25% off I payed a whopping $11.25 for this! It’s not Le Creuset, but for the price I’m not going to complain. And I love the blue dots.

There are 2 small little dings…


But they are at the top and not the bottom of the pan, so I’m good!

And to get the size of it…

Next to my 1 cup Pyrex

Now… to make this crusty artisan bread from Simply So Good!

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