Baking Soda and Peroxide Cleaner

Yesterday for breakfast David and Nola made pancakes. He used Pam in the pan, and a double batch of pancakes later the pan was a hot mess. Literally and figuratively. I decided that I would not waste the last of my lone Magic Eraser, because it should be left for emergencies like kids + Sharpies + walls. Instead I decided to give the baking soda and peroxide trick a try. I read a review from someone saying it totally didn’t work, so I went into it prepared to scrub my arms off with soap after if need be.

I took pictures of my loaf pan because I didn’t think to do pictures of the pancake pan…

The Before

Mix baking soda and peroxide to form a paste. I found that thinner worked a bit better for me.

Here is where I must give a warning…


I’m a hands on sort of person myself. My fingertips were white by the time I finished scrubbing, and they felt funny for a few hours after. So just wear gloves.

Edit: It’s two days later and my fingertips are now dry and peeling a bit. Let me just say one more time… DON’T BE LIKE ME, USE GLOVES! Now to go stick my hand in a jar of body butter…

Also let the stuff sit and “soak” the gunk off. It will save you the arm workout, which I got.

The After

I only did half the pan for picture purposes, but the “after” side looked exactly like the “before” side. I had gotten two loaf pans last week at the thrift store for $1.25, so most of that baked on grime was not even from me. It’s good to know that I can do a good cleanup of the bakeware I may find (or wreck myself). 🙂

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