Family Cloth

Go ahead, wrinkle your nose.

Make some gagging noises.

I’ll wait.

Recoil in horror.

Shake your head.

Say something that amounts to “No way, no how!” .. and then in your head think “That chick is crazy. Dirty hippy!”

If you’ve heard of family cloth before, likely because you’ve been sucked into the cloth diapering world, but couldn’t make that jump then you’re pretty much where I was not too long ago. Stephanie will be more than happy to comment here and tell the story of my absolute horror of the notion of cloth diapers when Nola was a baby. I ended up using cloth on her as much as half the time after she was a year old. The last 6 months she was in diapers she was in cloth 100% of the time (no daycare to appease with disposable diapers), and Sophia was cloth diapered 95% of the time (the move from TX back to NV there was about 3 months were I did disposable diapers, moving and cloth is a pain). After Sophia potty trained I refused to do away with the lovely soft bamboo velour wipes I had gotten. Then Stephanie and her kids were going to crash at my place for a night or two, and I felt obligated to make them feel as at home as possible…

Cute and fluffy!

There is potential for TMI under the cut, because hey, I am doing a post about cloth butt wipes after all. πŸ˜‰

If you have cloth diapered I can assure you that it is no worse. Though I do fully admit that I have moist flushable wipes still that I use for those, er, special occasions. Sophia has been using them for awhile (because she’s 5 and I got tired of wiping her butt), and I just like them. The cloth wipes work well for secondary after the moist wipes. So I can get away with using no toilet paper. I still have toilet paper for the girls bathroom so they can use it if they want (and for guests), but they’re in danger of getting it taken away because I keep finding huge wads of TP in the trash can. I really need to turn and topstitch myself some more wipes.

Those big colorful wipes in the back are the ones that I refused to give up.

As for “that time of the month” issues.. well I use a Diva Cup, so most of the time it’s a non-issue. Yeah, I’m pretty crunchy. The few times I feel it is an issue (during the cleaning of the cup, for a lack of a better way to say it without being gross) I do use normal TP and the moist wipes. It’s not a perfect system, but it works for me. Also I’ve saved many rolls of toilet paper from literally going down the drain!

Since we don’t have any poop issues to deal with (I speak for myself there, I do not even ask the girls about #2 and cloth wipes, but I suspect they do what I do) I usually just chuck the wipes into the wash with towels. If I’m really desperate I’ll toss them in with anything that is not being bleached. My washer has a sanitary cycle, and I can also do a pre-rinse as well. Just watch out of you have static. Those pesky wipes like to hide in legs of pants… no, I have no embarrassing story of a wipe breaking free at the worst time possible… yet.

You may not think you can do it, but just get a few wipes and try them out for #1. I promise you that cloth feels SO much nicer than toilet paper. Work your way into it. If I can go from the idea of cloth diapers making me cringe like I have a phlebotomist coming at me to using family cloth in under 7 years then I KNOW you can make the switch too!

And if you’re wondering, no, David does not use the cloth wipes. To be honest, I’m really not that offended either. I can then blame excessive TP usage on him! πŸ˜‰

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