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Pinterest strikes again. I saw Stephanie pin a menu board, and the description made me think “meh”, but at one point I finally clicked on it. The shopping list description was not really accurate at all from what I can tell, which was why I was not really interested. I have list making OCD. I don’t need help in that department. At all. I will stalk the stores a few days prior to grocery shopping to ensure I have the right prices, and then I make a spreadsheet.

I do have one problem though. Sticking to a menu plan. I manage to stick to it for a few days, and if I can get a week of actually following my menu plan I’d be shocked. Part of my problem is that I have my menu on my computer in a – prepare to be shocked – spreadsheet. David doesn’t creep around on here to find my menu plan. I’m glad he doesn’t because I don’t need him rolling his eyes at my always open SimCity Social window. 😛

Holy organization batman!

The pin Stephanie posted was from RobbyGurl’s Creations, and it was for the area of her blog where she sells her menu boards. As a (struggling to get started) photographer I can fully appreciate doing what you are good at and enjoy to gain income. My biggest issue was mentioned in my last post. We’re a picky bunch in this house, and using recipes from someone else is largely going to result in things we won’t eat. So I of course knew I would make my own. Luckily she still has up the how-to directions. I do admit that I spent $5 getting the templates, which did include recipes, though I didn’t use any of them. I did alter the templates a bit to remove the decoration on the recipe cards. I also used my own cutesy font for everything but the month strips, which I forgot to edit.

Vegetarian, Crock-pot, Chicken, Beef, Breakfast, Other

As you can see I currently only have 6 categories. I simplified it a bit since I don’t have quite so many recipes right now, but I can always add more! That’s part of the beauty of this menu board. I have breakfast, vegetarian, chicken, and beef – which should all be pretty self explanatory. I did make a Crock-pot category that has a combination of vegetarian, beef, and chicken recipes. The “other” category contains things that can be vegetarian, or contain some sort of meat, like my alfredo. I also have things like buttermilk biscuits and pretzel rolls. The dessert category will be added in the next few weeks, but since I won’t be making dessert but once a week I figured I have time to get that one done.

Ready for November!! Those cute little round magnets are like $3 at Target!

You can clearly see “Breakfast Casserole” listed in there, and a blank day which is Nola’s birthday so I am letting her chose what we do (she said sushi, that’s my girl!). Leftovers appear once per week on Friday. By doing it on Friday we don’t need to worry about having extras for David to take for lunch the next day. If we have no leftovers, which I doubt will happen too often, then we can make something we really want.

The board is mounted in the kitchen so it’s easy to see, and with all the recipes right there *and* color coded David can help and not give me the excuse that he didn’t know how to make it. So next month will be the true test to see how this works out!

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