2013 in 2013 – Update #1

Despite getting a late start to this it finally motivated me to go through all my crap. I had clothes in my closet from the girls that they haven’t worn in years! I did keep a couple of nice Gymboree dresses that I am waiting to find the right person to give them to. They’re the more expensive “fancy” dresses, and I can’t stomach putting them in a thrift store (I’m a dork, I am aware of this). I have the same attachment to the shopping cart cover I used with Sophia, but I *do* have a home to send that to, which I need to do next payday without fail. Now if I could just consolidate the craft and fabric bins in my closet…

I also decided to start tackling the garage, and that will remain a work in progress at least through Wednesday when I get Sophia from school. Between not feeling well, birthday parties, and my low paying side job I’m strapped for time and energy. I do have to have it done by Wednesday afternoon, because my parents get in that afternoon. If I didn’t have to get some work done tonight I’d go out and continue tidying up.

I suppose you might be wondering how many items I’ve gotten rid of …


That’s pretty good for not even 2 weeks. I said I’d be on fire at first due to my packrat habits. Tomorrow will bring more for sure! 🙂

Only 1,713 to go!


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