The last week and a half has been crazy…

My parents got here on the 6th and left on the 13th. Nola was very upset again, but it was slightly better than when they left in October. Of course her crying caused me to get a little choked up, but I was not the hot mess of last time either. Nola also got to have Grandma and Grandpa speak to her class about Ecuador, so she got to feel super special.

While my parents were here we went out for dinner exactly once. They took the girls to Fuddruckers and David and I had a date night to the brewery down the street. We needed a break, and the girls got some one on one time with Grandma and Grandpa. They also got milkshakes, so it was extra special. The rest of the time I actually did pretty good about cooking, David made his mac’n’cheese as well as homemade Skyline Chili (I will post that recipe the next time we make it, promise). I attempted to make mozzarella too, but it didn’t turn out quite as well as I would have liked. It tasted okay, the look was off, and it didn’t melt on the lasagna as I had hoped. I also nearly burned my hands through rubber gloves because it was so hot when trying to make it stretchy. I took pictures so I will make a post of that semi-fail.

The day after they left was filled with much Valentine’s mayhem at school, and maintenance appointments for both the van and the Prius. That evening was “Parents Night Out” at school, which costs $10 per kid and the money goes to help the Aftercare program with supplies. Another date night in the span of 2 weeks AND it helps the school. Win!

Shit hit the fan at about 4am Friday. Sophia woke up crying, the same “I had an accident” type cry that sends me flying out of bed. Except there was no accident, she had a temperature of 102.2. By 8:30am she was at 104. Saturday evening I thought her fever had broken as she was in bed sweating and her temp was 98.4. Today (Saturday, even though it’s 1:30 am as I write this), she seemed okay most of the day and then at about 4pm her fever started creeping back up. David gave her more ibuprofen and by 5:30 I took her temperature again and she was at 105. I called the nurse hotline, and they instructed me to take her to the ER if the lukewarm bath did not bring her temp down. Between my calling the hotline and the nurse calling back less than 10 minutes later Sophia vomited, and it included the acetaminophen she had taken not 15 minutes prior. Luckily after her bath her temp came down. Right now she’s been asleep for about 2 hours and at last check her temperature was under 100.

I’ve also managed to wiggle in a few hours of my independent contract job, pick up 67 cases of Girl Scout cookies, and sort out the orders for 15 girls from those 67 cases. I’m catching up with laundry finally (even if I am having to fold towels at 2am while watching The Proposal). Tomorrow I get to catch up on dishes, put in 5 hours and 40 more minutes for my contract job, run to Costco, and hopefully have a few more parents come get cookies from my garage.

Tomorrow evening I should be getting caught up on my posts finally, and maybe even get my kitchen cleaned up too. 😉


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