2013 in 2013

It’s been awhile since I updated about how my decluttering is going, and I’ll be honest for awhile it hit a standstill. A lot has been going on around here. First it was me who got sick, then Sophia, and just this weekend Nola got taken out by the same thing I had in January. I got quite a bit done awhile back before my parents came, and since then I’ve stalled. This past week I managed to get some more done, but I did not count exact items. 😦

I’m going to guess I threw away a good 100 items out of my bathroom. I hoard things I think I might use, but never actually do, like nail polish. My “nail” bin was likely the source of a good 1/3 of my bathroom “haul”.

I also cleaned off the kids bookcase (after I nearly broke it, causing all the books to crash to the floor). I donated 4 Bob Books sets – which are like 20+ books each! And then another decent stack along with them, so I’ll say 100 books. I took a few more to school on Friday, so I think my book donation to the school is like 105. I still have another pile to filter through and see if any are usable for school. O_o

I also finally got rid of my ratty sweat pants. David got rid of 2 very old t-shirts, and I gave 2 pairs of kid shorts and 2 kid tank tops to a friend.

So that’s another 212 items this past week!

My new total for the year is 754 already!

It doesn’t feel like much sometimes, but other times I can tell easily (like my bathroom). πŸ™‚

Next up is taking down my collection of Cooking Light and Shape magazines. I’m going to clip the things I think are useful and then ditch the rest of the magazine. I also found that I can get digital copies of Cooking Light on my iPad, so I don’t even need to clip! I will not currently fess up as to how many magazines I will be getting rid of. That confession will come another time, when they have met their fate with the big green Waste Management bin. πŸ˜‰


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