David has 3 guitars. One electric that rarely comes out of the case, an inexpensive acoustic that he’s had since before we were together, and a Takamine acoustic guitar that he got last year (it was very much a splurge item that he’s been holding off nearly a decade to buy). Music is kind of a thing here. I fully admit I like it when he plays the intro to Tesla’s “Lovesong”, and just about any RHCP.

The same day he got his Takamine we got Nola a ukelele. It’s not been used much by her, actually David has used it far more. Nola has been wanting to do a myriad of things for “Community Gathering” (a monthly talent show of sorts) at school for some time now, and I have been telling her that she should really practice with her ukelele and get good. She finally told David she really wanted to have a lesson on her ukelele today. ❤

She's concentrating pretty hard...

That’s my 8 year old starting to play this…



Yep. I’m a little proud right now.


Or maybe a lot proud.


What is that you say?


I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of this little slice of awesome.


So it may only be the first few notes, but my kid is willingly playing John Lennon! I’m just going to sit here and be overly smug for a few minutes. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Imagine

    • It’s taken quite some time for her to really be interested, and in just a few hours today I’ve seen more effort and success than the entire year prior combined. It’s awesome and I hope she keeps going and steals Daddy’s Takamine from him! 😉

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