Spring Break

I took the girls down to Alameda for the first week of Spring Break. They enjoy going to Stephanie’s house because they are a little more free to run around outside there. I enjoy going there because we end up pigging out on something baked, craft, and have quite a bit of fun.

I may also love the Bay Area a little bit…


Who can argue with that?!

We went to the Bay Area Discovery Museum on their “free day”.

Nola playing outside, with the Golden Gate Bridge behind her.

Nola & GG Bridge

Sophia playing with stuffed animals inside the water building.

Sophia Stuffed Animals

When you have 5 kids, tons of people wandering in and out of frame, and fun to be had .. this is as good as it gets.


I did manage to get a somewhat decent picture of my girls together, which I will likely print and put next to the picture of them together in a pumpkin patch almost 4 years ago. ❤

My Girls <3

After much fun at the children’s museum we headed to Rodeo Cove for lunch and playing on the beach.

This is how you make lunch happen at a beach…

Lunch time!

There was part of a railroad tie that floated in that made a good perch.

C & A

“Come and get me waves!” *runs away cackling when the waves hit him*


Nola was dipping her bucket into the water…


And would run when waves came in.


Sophia got her butt wet…


and decided it would be best to sit a ways up the beach away from the water.

Sophia and Stephanie

I’m not sure how I got two kids who are scared of the ocean. It’s my happy place.


Ocean Feet



I love the ocean.


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