Adventures in Backpacking (with kids)

On August 6th all of our collecting (dare I say hoarding) of backpacking gear was finally put to good use and we hiked to Upper Loch Leven Lake in the Tahoe National Forest.  For our first loaded outing it was a hell of a hike, and we learned some valuable things.


David and the girls hiking in.


The girls did pretty awesome and most whining was limited to the first mile or so.  We had a number of quick stops to adjust packs since we’re all new to this.  We did get started rather late in the day (around lunch time) so snacks and LOTS of water were needed.



Once we got to Upper Loch Leven and set up camp everyone spent a bit of time wandering around and scoping the area out.  The campsites were limited, and we were kind of lucky to grab one.  Sophia got filthy, and Nola hid by the lakeside and drew.  David brought along a ukulele and sat around playing for awhile.  He did admit to being bored after awhile.  I think it was about that time when he wandered off with his GoPro.


In the pictures above are my water filtration set up and camp stove setup, and our two tents can also be seen in the left picture.  I will do a separate post in the future about all our gear, and things I’ve learned in two backpacking trips (thus far).  I don’t regret any of our purchases so far, and I’ve put a lot of research time into this whole deal.  😉


The hike back out wasn’t so bad, and to be honest it went WAY quicker than the hike in.  We had camp packed up and were heading out by 8:45am.  Not hiking in mid-day heat helped a ton too.

Lesson learned:  Sleep pads and backpacking pillows are a necessity.

I can’t wait to hike more.  It’s a nice addition to scuba diving and riding my bike, and something we can do as a whole family.  🙂

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