About Gingham Apron

Hi! My name is Jennifer…

I’m a college kid, in my mid-30’s.
I like to bike, backpack, and scuba dive (NAUI certified).
The ocean is my happy place.
I like to cook, but hate being stuck in the kitchen for hours doing so.
I hate dishes. With a fiery passion.
I dislike laundry, specifically the putting away portion.
I wish I could sew, and I’m quite jealous of people who can whip up a birthday skirt in like 10 minutes. (Yes, Stephanie, I’m referring to you.)
I also homeschool both my daughters.

Things you will NOT find in this blog…

No packets of ranch dressing mix.
No cream of something soups.
No boxed cakes.

If I wouldn’t give it to my family, I wouldn’t post it on this blog.

You also will not find religion. I know some blogs (especially homeschooling ones) are very faith based, and that’s not my thing. I’m more of a humanist. A tree hugging one. With a minivan. 🙂

What you might find here..

By might I mean you will, because that’s just how I roll.

A few lot of dirty words, because anyone who knows me knows that’s well.. me.
Homemade things ranging from cloth wipes, lip balm, deodorant, and laundry soap to bread, pasta sauce, and BBQ sauce.

And of course our adventures in homeschooling.

The two things that truly rule my life more than anything else are being a mother and wife. That’s three things, if you count the children separately. 😉


Nola is almost a teenager. I’m pretty sure that any parent of a teen or almost teen can attest that nailing down what they like or are like can change with the wind. She does love sketching, music, and her longboard.


Sophia is 9, almost 10 now, and still adores reading and snuggling. Legos will distract her from pretty much anything… showering, getting dressed, cleaning her room… you get the idea. She’s also quickly becoming my little eco-warrior – adopting sea otter groups, and vocally protesting foods in our home with palm oil. She has done quite a bit of research about the things she is passionate about to support her stance, and I love it.

Gibbs is our newest family member.  He was born June 19th, 2016.  He came home with us just before he turned a month old.  He’s growing super fast and loves to hang out on top of his hide.  The picture above is his “someone is cooking, and I must smell it!” pose.

I’ve been with David since October 2005. In 2010 he adopted Nola, and on our 10th anniversary we finally became husband and wife. I’m happy to finally share the same last name as the rest of my family, and I look forward to many more decades of driving David batshit insane.


I hope you enjoy my little slice of the internets. 🙂


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