I hate moving…

We moved a whopping 161 feet. I know it sounds rough, but we did it all with a minivan, a Prius, 1 appliance dolly, and 1 furniture dolly. We may or may not have used my parents truck to move 2 twin size mattresses and 2 “bunky boards” as well. 😉

The old unit is empty and I give back the keys and garage door openers today. That means I get to spend my weekend putting things away. I tried to get things organized as I went along, but as anyone who has ever moved knows by the time you get halfway through you’re just chucking stuff in any corner you can find. I really need my laundry baskets back too. Oh and Monday is my birthday. I’d really like to have a clean organized house so I can relax and not feel like I need to unpack things. 😛

Somehow in the jumble of the last few weeks a rather important bill went by unnoticed, and we had to double up the payment. We also had $160 in school fees for the girls, and almost $60 for soccer photos. So the bank account is lower than David likes, as he always wants a little bit of a buffer just in case, because you never know when you’ll have a co-pay for something or another (like the ER or for our POS van). I had wanted to go to the rib cook-off for my birthday, but since that can be disgustingly expensive I told David I would be more than happy to make up a dry rub to accompany my homemade BBQ sauce if he would grill me some ribs instead. He agreed. 😀

Both girls are now in school so I will have 4 whole hours every day to do stuff! I will be doing lots of cooking, baking, and making of things this winter for sure!!

Now to get this place back to normal…. O_o


I had a lengthy ranting post all typed up.

Then I learned a woman I had known for many years on a few forums around the internet took her own life sometime in the last 24 hours.

My car troubles, not finding a place to rent, and the herons that poop all over … they don’t really matter in the long run.

Go hug your friends, your family, and remember that it could be so much worse.

Money and Babies…

I’m done having them, so don’t go getting ideas. I went looking for a cake recipe and of course loving Smitten Kitchen I clicked on the “Best Birthday Cake” link I saw. I started reading the blog post and inside was tucked a link about $200 toys, which led to a now nearly 3 year old New York Times article.

It talked about how due to the recession parents had wised up about their spending. Things were purchased second hand, clothes included. The baby product industry is HUGE. I mean think about all the baby showers and things that parents feel they need. New babies are expensive when you look at it that way.

Sophia came along and taught me a lesson as a parent and a consumer…

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Upcoming Posts…

I was planning on posting today only to wake up and find that one of our computers was taking a dump… the computer that handles our wireless systems. So David spent a few hours tonight fixing the problem. Tomorrow I plan on posting a delicious, but not the best for you, potato and onion tart. The next few days is also going to bring some homemade bread and bracelet making attempts. My baby is about to turn 4 so I figured a cute little bracelet for each of my girly-girls would be something they would love. ❤


I’m revamping Gingham Apron to suit my eclectic life. I can’t just blog about food, and since I found Pinterest my desire to get all “artsy fartsy” is in full swing. I’ve already cleared out posts, but kept some I knew I had to keep .. like my awesome pulled pork post with my homemade BBQ sauce recipe!

A new banner will be put in place when I get the chance. For now I’ve been working on some delayed “spring” cleaning around the house, but keep your eyes peeled for new posts likely inspired by Pinterest! 🙂