Bountiful Baskets August 11, 2012

Post typed up … Firefox freaks out on me. I hate you Firefox.

Recap of lost post: Didn’t volunteer, too tired, and decided final lazy weekend before craziness of soccer is in full swing was in order. Basket was best I’ve seen so far.

Look at that!!

Haul: 1 bunch celery, 1 bunch broccoli, 2 heads lettuce, 1 package mushrooms, 1 bunch kale, 4 green bell peppers, 2 tomatoes, 8 bananas, 1 bag cherries, 1 melon, 2 mangoes

Cost: $16.50

The mangoes and cherries, which I suspect is over a pound, would run me $10+ in most any grocery store around here. Making this basket even more awesome.

Lettuce – Lots of salads and cheese and lettuce sandwiches
Broccoli – Steamed or broccoli salad
Bell Peppers – Stuffed with beef, rice, and mushrooms
Tomatoes – I think I’ll have David make his cold pasta salad with tomato sauce
Kale – Stir-fry with remainder of mushrooms, carrots, tofu, red bell pepper, onion
Celery – No clue. Still have almost an entire package from Costco in the fridge. I might have to put on The Wonderpets and give the girls celery every time The Wonderpets pass it out…

The fruit will be consumed by the spawn with ease. They’ve already gone after the bananas – Sophia pointed out they were yellow and promptly grabbed one shortly after I snapped the picture. 😛

Bountiful Baskets July 28

I didn’t post this right away on Saturday because I had other running around I had to do. Better late than never, right?

Nola and I took off just after 9am to head to the drop site. While stopped at the light where I turn to get on I-80 I got the confirmation up in my e-mail, and discovered that the volunteer time was 9:45, and pick-up was 10:45. Well, poop. I quickly called David and told him that we were going to volunteer and told him the times and how I messed up by not looking sooner. Nola is more than old enough to get some volunteering under her little belt. I stopped and got us a drink since it was already warm and there was a chance we would be outside the whole time, luckily we were not.

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August Frugal Food Challenge

August is the start of a few months worth of crazy for me.  In the past all activities in the house have revolved around Nola.  School, soccer, Girl Scouts.  Well, Sophia turns 5 on Thursday (noooo!) and it’s her turn to start school, soccer, and Girl Scouts as well.  I’d mentioned in a prior post that I was doing AYSO coach training.  I’m coaching BOTH my girls teams.  O_O   My time is going to be limited.  With 4 practices each week (2 for each team) until games start on August 18th (then down to 1 practice and 1 game per week), soccer camp the first week of August, school starting on August 20th, and getting doctors appointments done for both girls out of the way I am going to be busier than ever before.  Oh did I mention that we may very well be moving units within the complex in the next few weeks?  Because that might happen too.


What am I getting myself into?!  I know I need to make a solid plan for meals or I’m going to end up at Papa Murphy’s a few times a week, and that just can’t happen.  Two VERY active kids are going to need good meals.  Nola will be having bagged lunches going to school since we cannot afford nearly $4 a day for their organic lunches (Sophia is half day, lunch at home like normal for her).  The school takes a very firm stance on junk food not being brought in, and I’m perfectly okay with that.  It just means I need to plan on more than just PB&J.

Bountiful Baskets will help me with keeping produce costs down bi-weekly.  The only problem there is the basket is a mystery until I see it.  Not so great for planning ahead, but I can do it!  I want to try and avoid processed foods as much as I can.  Though sometimes a box of Zatarain’s red beans and rice paired with some turkey kielbasa is what happens, and I’m okay with it – so long as it’s remains the exception.

Inexpensive, but still healthy.

I’m going to be heading out to Alameda again to see my friend Stephanie and her three kiddos.  Once I get back I’ll plan as much as I can, especially for days where we won’t be home from practice until well after David is home.  I think he’ll have to help more than I want to admit.  😉

Bountiful Baskets June 14, 2012

Today I had AYSO coach training, so David had to go get the BB order. Of course I got a call just before 9am, right as training was starting, saying the truck had broken down about 30 miles outside of town and that it would be late. This quickly spiraled into David waiting in the blazing late morning sun for an hour while the kids stayed in the air conditioned van – likely very unamused. David was confused as to how it runs, and I admit you have to bumble around and sort of figure out what you’re doing on your own. I can’t say our pick up area is really good at helping those who don’t know what the hell they’re doing. David somehow ended up with just the main basket, and not the extras. Lucky I got out of training in time to pick up the stray goods.

This time around I got the 19# box of pineapples, the Italian Veggies pack, and the regular basket. Total price was $37.

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Bountiful Baskets June 30th

I know I’m WAY behind on making this post. So forgive me.

I ordered the organic basket this time around just to see what the difference was, and if it was worth the extra $10. I’m a big advocate of organic foods, but I’ll be honest I’m not sure it was totally worth it. Yes, I got a lot of the same things, but it seemed like I got less than the standard baskets, and spent more to do so. Since we’re in money pinching mode I don’t think I can validate spending almost double on getting less. I spent $37 today for pickup on Saturday. I’m getting the standard basket, Italian veggie pack, and a ~19 pound box of pineapple.

I swear I’ll get a picture of this upcoming basket, or at least what I can since David will be getting it while I’m at AYSO coach training. O_O … Just don’t ask.

Bountiful Baskets

I’ve heard of Bountiful Baskets Co-op before, but was always a little suspicious of it. I don’t like wasting my money and getting total crap in return. Since our vacation is right around the corner (another post on that anal retentiveness will be along shortly) I knew I didn’t want to do my normal Costco shopping. So it was the proper time to cave in, and the fact that Bountiful Baskets site had a Tropical pack this week was the final push.

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