Artisan Bread

In my Thrift Store Score post I mentioned the artisan bread recipe I’d been aching to try. I made a few batches that all turned out sort of “meh”. So I talked to Stephanie, who has been making the artisan bread for some time now and found out how to work home milled flour in. I spent a pretty penny on the grain mill after all (by “I” what I really mean is “David”), so I want to use it as much as I can.

With some tweaks in place between the recipes I’ve seen I finally found a decent middle ground for my elevation, oven, flour, dutch oven … you know, all those variables that can totally screw up a recipe.

It looks like a bit of a wreck…

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Honey Wheat Bread

I was going to bake bread in the middle of the day just for pictures, which frankly is downright insane due to the fact that it’s been over 90 every single day (this past Friday my car was reading 104 on the way home). So mid-day bread never happened. So I suppose I will make do with my night time pictures that somewhat annoy me because of poor lighting. The recipe needs to be shared.

For people who own a grain mill and are looking for an awesome bread recipe look no further. My wonderful friend Stephanie who gave me the South West Chicken recipe also gave me the honey wheat bread recipe!

Stephanie.. without you I’d be lost. I’d never have cloth diapered, purchased a grain mill, found Azure Standard, or have a 2 fresh loaves of bread sitting on my stove right now. 😀

Mmmm .. delicious.

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Pulled Pork Sandwich

I’ve been slacking.  I thought we’d be heading off on a family vacation, but David decided to postpone it to get things like taxes and home repairs done.  We’ve cheated a bit, okay more than most I’m sure, but we’re slowly improving.  Today I was feeling adventurous and had a pork shoulder that I got on Tuesday at Whole Foods.  I found a good base for homemade BBQ sauce and a simple recipe for sandwich rolls.  😀

Perfect out the gate, and I even fudged the recipe a bit!

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