Street Tacos and Pico de Gallo

Homemade Street Tacos

Last weekend I attended the very first “Taco Fest” in Reno.  I found some amazing fish tacos that I really liked.  The downside was that it was $3 per taco, and I’m talking traditional street taco size that is eaten in a few bites.  So pretty much I was spending 75c-$1 per bite.  Anyone who knows me will realize that is not my style.  So of course I decided I need to try my hand at making my own street tacos.  Now I will say that the meat will take some time to perfect, and I’ll likely utilize my Instant Pot as I did this time.  That way I can have street tacos in December.  Hah!

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Red Wine Pasta Sauce

I don’t claim to be proficient in the kitchen. Since that is the case I have no issues admitting that I use google rather a lot to form general ideas on how to accomplish things. Things like making a pasta sauce that aren’t from a recipe calling for WAY too much oregano. Don’t ask how I know.

Many recipes I saw called for white wine. After some more googling, and consulting with Stacy about red wine versus white wine, I decided to go ahead with red wine as it’s what I had on hand. I’m pretty glad I did too.

Nothing better than sticking your head right over a simmering pot of pasta sauce!

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Herbs and Spices

I love fresh herbs and spices, and really who doesn’t? I’ve been in the process of making something more than once to find that I don’t have what I need. Once I had sage on hand, but not ground. Uhhh … crap. I of course happen to be a gadget freak, and while that causes issues with cabinet space it comes in handy for random instances such as the above mentioned sage issue. How?

A coffee grinder!

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Homemade BBQ Sauce

Awhile back I made pulled pork, sandwich rolls, and BBQ sauce. I posted the recipes for the rolls and BBQ sauce but since I was making some the other day for pork loin roast – which by the way, is WAY better for pulled pork when you loathe fatty meat – and since I have a beautiful new DSLR I thought I should photograph the occasion. 😉

Deliciousness in a bottle.

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Pulled Pork Sandwich

I’ve been slacking.  I thought we’d be heading off on a family vacation, but David decided to postpone it to get things like taxes and home repairs done.  We’ve cheated a bit, okay more than most I’m sure, but we’re slowly improving.  Today I was feeling adventurous and had a pork shoulder that I got on Tuesday at Whole Foods.  I found a good base for homemade BBQ sauce and a simple recipe for sandwich rolls.  😀

Perfect out the gate, and I even fudged the recipe a bit!

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