Sparks Fire Department

The Sparks Fire Department was out today testing out a truck that just came back from being serviced (for a year and a half!), and I just happened to drive by after dropping the girls off at school.

I had to make a quick call on pulling into the parking lot they were in or not because I was in sweat pants and a fleece jacket with my hair pulled back in a very sloppy bun. Of course since I have no shame when it comes to getting awesome pictures I pulled into the parking lot and hopped out of my car with my phone in hand (I left my real clothes and real camera at home, because I fail at being a photographer in that respect). They totally humored me and I thank them!


Oh yeah, it was a ladder truck, and the ladder was fully extended with the hose going. It was awesome, and it tied in perfectly with week 2’s theme for a local 52 week photography challenge – “Look Up”.


So hey, thanks Sparks Fire Department for not calling Sparks PD on the crazy lady in sweats with an iPhone claiming to be a photographer! 😉

*** if the photo size is too large I will fix it tomorrow morning when the batteries for my keyboard and mouse finish charging.***

Doctors, Waterfalls, and Girl Scouts…

Hunter Creek Waterfall

This was the first week back to “normal” after winter break. We did almost nothing during the two weeks of vacation largely because both girls were taken down by the crud one after the other. This week though, has already had two weeks worth of stuff crammed into it and it’s not even Friday yet.

Monday I had a dental appointment.
Tuesday I went on a 6 mile to the Hunter Creek Waterfall with 3 other photographers.
Wednesday my parents needed to run some errands and my dad had a doctors appointment.
Today was Girl Scout cookie training as I am a troop leader. I wear a lot of hats if you hadn’t noticed.
Tomorrow I get to do actual grocery shopping for the menu plan I need to make tonight.
Saturday David is getting our Prius serviced, we have a meeting to view a rental house, and the girls have a birthday party to attend…

Which brings me to some sad panda news. The house I was hoping to get was rented from under us despite being in talks with the property management owner. We got an application turned in and paid the $50 fee for it, and then nothing. Not a single response from the property management owner. I had to call the office myself to find out someone had gone in and put a downpayment in. I’m actually a bit pissed off about it, and will likely a do a Yelp review about it.

BUT. I’m hoping that the place we’re going to look at Saturday doesn’t get snatched up before we can lay claim on it. I so want out of this drafty townhouse. I want my girls to have their own space… a kitchen with a window… no snotty office manager… a drive way… not hearing your neighbors TV or them walking up the stairs. All things I miss about a real house. This place is a newer duplex, but it’s 1,500 square feet which is plenty of room for us to stretch out (and accommodate all the bookshelves). I’m going to try and remain hopeful after the last burn we just took.


Just visiting…

A friend of nearly 20 years has a young son who ended up in the ER the Sunday night. He was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, and was just transferred out of PICU yesterday afternoon. I decided some handmade Minon cards from my girls would cheer him up, and a cup of coffee and a friend to chat with would make mom smile too. After David got home and I ensured that dinner was pretty much ready I headed to Renown to visit…

Tahoe Tower from Mill St. Parking Garage

365 Project Picture

I took a few pictures as we took a stroll down to get some more coffee (somehow I ended up with the white mocha instead of my plain old latte), and then some more pictures as we strolled around the floor with their 3 month old daughter in her stroller…

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Happy New Year!!

It seems that Pinterest has been the cause for quite a bit of traffic to my Super Laundry Sauce post, which is totally awesome!

I’m going to make an effort to post more, especially a few photography endeavors I’ll be taking on this year. I’m hoping that next month we will be making the move into a real house and out of the townhouse we’ve been in for the last 2.5 years. I’m so over having no window in my kitchen!

For now I leave you with the first in my “365 Project” … David playing chess with Nola. 🙂



Long week…

It’s been a long week around my house. Nola started first grade last Monday, and since I’m attempting homeschooling this year it’s been a battle of wills as she wants to go back to public school. The household acquired a traffic ticket. I checked my bank account to find unauthorized transactions in progress. The end of the week graced me with some GI issues that left me with lasting issues through even part of today. So a blog post has been in the very very back of my mind most of the last week.

In my downtime I’ve been looking at two different photo hosting type pages. SmugMug and Zenfolio. I’m pretty sure that my “about me” states that I have a love of photography. What I did not mention is that I’m in the process of starting up doing photography on more than just a hobby level.

White Wave Photography

White Wave Photography is the start of what I hope will be enough of a source of income that I can stay with the kids, but still get to do something I have loved for years. I like other arts and crafts, but have found that I enjoy doing them for fun at my own leisure. I will continue to do things like dye yarn, but just for friends, family, and myself. I have yet to find myself bored behind a camera because the focus through the lens is always changing.

My photography site will not be just portraits and candid shots. I love sunsets, storms, structures, lakes, rivers, the ocean, mountains, wildlife, flowers, fires .. anything and everything that can be photographed. I’m forever saying “I wish I had my camera with me” when I see something that I think would be a good picture. David fully expects me to take my camera with me just about everywhere I go, and he knows me well because I do take it with my just about everywhere (obviously not grocery shopping because that’s just boring).

This last week I’ve also been getting started with freezer meals, which I will talk about more in my next post I’m sure. 🙂