Where did the summer go?! (and a PSA)

Awhile ago I swore up and down I would start blogging as soon as summer rolled around.  And then summer rolled around… and we went to the water park, the library, and David started scuba diving courses.  We spent quite a bit of time up at Tahoe when he did various dives.  Then I decided that I too would become scuba certified.  So as of this past weekend I am now open water certified with NAUI.  David… well he went a little crazy with it all and he’s now a certified rescue diver with NAUI.  We have yet to go backpacking, but we have 2 in the works before fall hits (along with more dives, naturally).

The girls are slowly ramping up their homeschooling, and only whining about it roughly half the time.  As stated before that slice of hell will be documented more in depth on my homeschooling blog, where I can assure you I will have a colorful metaphor laced vocabulary.

I’m really hoping to be in the swing of things soon though, and hopefully I’ll have pictures of some of our adventures to share!!  😀

As for my PSA…

I was cruising around on Pinterest, as I do often, and came across a recipe I decided to look at.  In the comments section someone commented how their food didn’t look the same as the picture.  The blogger made a remark about how it took a long time to fashion the food for pictures and that’s why it likely doesn’t look the same.  While I am a photographer and I understand the whole concept of food styling I frankly don’t have the time nor the energy to spend forever making my food look picture perfect.
The pictures I post are of the food I am actually about to put into my face.  Sometimes the lighting is sketchy, and if I’m really hungry you’re likely to get a picture from my iPhone.  What you see is what you get.

The place setting you see is what is at my table that moment.  Sometimes I may angle it if it’s totally heinous non-coordinating.  Although maybe I shouldn’t since most of the time that is care of my 8 year old setting the table to look beautiful.

I’m all for people who do take their time to be meticulous for their blog, but that’s not my style.  If you enjoy that much reality in your face on a food blog, then yay!  If not, that’s cool too.  🙂



Spring Break

I took the girls down to Alameda for the first week of Spring Break. They enjoy going to Stephanie’s house because they are a little more free to run around outside there. I enjoy going there because we end up pigging out on something baked, craft, and have quite a bit of fun.

I may also love the Bay Area a little bit…


Who can argue with that?!

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I didn’t set out to have at real “resolutions”, but it just sort of happened. I’m also in no way going to argue with a health my habit being formed.

Today is 10 days with no coffee.

Today is also 23 days without soda (save for some ginger ale when I was sick, but that was more to do with nausea and hydration – I had way more water and Gatorade).

Now, I wish I could say the same about carry out pizza. 😛


A long sad week..

A week ago today I took my parents to the train station.

They are not coming back home.

They took Amtrak from Reno to Miami, and yesterday they flew from Miami to Ecuador.

They will be seeking residency in Ecuador.

I’m still processing it. I may be 31, but it’s still not easy. My younger brother is 1,700 miles away in Canada. My older sister is 2,600 miles away in Maryland. As the crow flies (straight line distance) my parents are about 4,000 miles away in Cuenca, Ecuador.

I need to dust myself off and deal with the fact that the last 18 months have changed my family forever. Buttered Popcorn jelly beans have been helping. 😛

Long week…

It’s been a long week around my house. Nola started first grade last Monday, and since I’m attempting homeschooling this year it’s been a battle of wills as she wants to go back to public school. The household acquired a traffic ticket. I checked my bank account to find unauthorized transactions in progress. The end of the week graced me with some GI issues that left me with lasting issues through even part of today. So a blog post has been in the very very back of my mind most of the last week.

In my downtime I’ve been looking at two different photo hosting type pages. SmugMug and Zenfolio. I’m pretty sure that my “about me” states that I have a love of photography. What I did not mention is that I’m in the process of starting up doing photography on more than just a hobby level.

White Wave Photography

White Wave Photography is the start of what I hope will be enough of a source of income that I can stay with the kids, but still get to do something I have loved for years. I like other arts and crafts, but have found that I enjoy doing them for fun at my own leisure. I will continue to do things like dye yarn, but just for friends, family, and myself. I have yet to find myself bored behind a camera because the focus through the lens is always changing.

My photography site will not be just portraits and candid shots. I love sunsets, storms, structures, lakes, rivers, the ocean, mountains, wildlife, flowers, fires .. anything and everything that can be photographed. I’m forever saying “I wish I had my camera with me” when I see something that I think would be a good picture. David fully expects me to take my camera with me just about everywhere I go, and he knows me well because I do take it with my just about everywhere (obviously not grocery shopping because that’s just boring).

This last week I’ve also been getting started with freezer meals, which I will talk about more in my next post I’m sure. 🙂