2013 in 2013 – Update #2

I had started a draft on Wednesday to update my progress on 2013 in 2013, and I got busy. I got all the stuff I’d gotten together thus far to the thrift store. I can park in my garage again!!

My total items from that trip was 242.

The Grand Total is now 542.

1,471 left to go! 🙂


2013 in 2013

What is 2013 in 2013? It’s really simple…

In 2013 toss/donate/sell/trade 2013 items.

This does not include basic day to day trash, unless of course you are cleaning out that famous junk drawer/cabinet/closet, a refrigerator/freezer, or your pantry.

I’m getting to this party late, but based on how much I have just sitting around that I had intended to sell or take to the thrift store this should go pretty fast at first. I am a bit of a pack rat (as is David to be honest) and I have all the intentions in the world of taking stuff to donation, but I honestly only end up there like 10% of the time. Actually I’ve purchased more from thrift stores than I’ve donated. O_O

So, here’s to 2013 less items in my home in 2013!