Coconut Shampoo Bars



For Christmas this year I decided that I wanted to make things for my friends and family instead of buying things and hoping they would like them.  Now don’t get me wrong I will never turn down wine, chocolate, or any geek paraphernalia (I do have Star Trek shirts and sweats on my Amazon wish list after all).  I’ve made lip balms and hand creams a number of times and everyones loved them.  What I have not made yet is soap or solid lotion bars, so I figured this was a good opportunity to try my hand at making them!

I have to admit that the idea of working with lye is a big part of why I’d never made soap before today.  And before you go any further please read this – Lye Safety Guide by Soap Queen – It is important that the proper measures be taken when handling a caustic material.  David is insisting I get a vinyl apron, better gloves, and full face shield before I go any further with my soap making.  That is what living with someone who is currently majoring in bio-chem is like.  😛

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I asked one of my friends who happens to be extremely thrifty and crafty how she does it, and how she stays clear of the fast food and too much impulse buying.  Since my ER visit, I’ve also been wanting to up my pathetic fiber intake.  Her answer to me was “muesli!”.  I of course Googled, because that’s what I do.  I got a rough idea was muesli is about, and picked up the last few things I needed today.  Tomorrow morning I shall try my creation.  My poor kids may not like it when their “fancy” cereal is gone and they get mixes made by mommy instead.  😉

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Coconut Macaroons

I tried a few days ago and wasted 2.5 cups of coconut, and 4 eggs.  Stacy was nice enough to point me towards a coconut macaroon recipe she had used that was more like what I had made back in Texas in 2008.  Coconut macaroon recipes that call for flour or for you to whip the egg whites into peaks is NOT a proper coconut macaroon recipe.  Just trust me on this.  I didn’t even bake the whole batch, and what did get cooked didn’t even get half eaten before it was trashed.

This recipe is full of win though, and is perfectly delicious.