Cheddar Crackers

My girls love cheese. They love crackers. They love cheesy crackers, especially the ones shaped like fish. I of course am becoming increasingly greedy with my allotted bi-weekly food funds. I’ve seen many cheddar cracker recipes floating around Pinterest and decided it was time to make some. It’s fairly simple, you’ll make a little bit of a mess, but no worse than any other baking. Which means I ended up with flour on the microwave mounted above the stove. No, I’m not totally sure how.

Mmm cheese.

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Spelt Crackers

Having two young kids crackers are a staple in the house.  I like crackers, and so does David.  I’ve been attempting to make things from scratch more often, which happens to work out nicely for the March Challenge.

The blog calls them “spelt everything crackers”.  I didn’t have “everything” so some dried onion, sesame seed. and kosher salt it was.  I also did not have a spray bottle at had so my toppings did not stick so well.  I need to remember a spray bottle that is for this purpose.  😛

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