Recycling Crayons

Today brought an impromptu lesson with my eldest that I will explain more about in another post. When my youngest got done with her bath she asked to do lessons as well and I asked her what she wanted to do. Her answer was “lassens!”. Alrighty I see this is going to go real far. So I picked a topic to Google for her. Crayons! She’s been so into coloring lately that I figured it was right up her alley. Low and behold the YouTube videos happened to have the old Sesame Street clip on crayon making (it was played when *I* was a kid). So we watched that, and then one about markers being made.

Here’s where I admit that I tend to hoard things sometimes. Things like broken crayons, because they’re still totally usable just not as nice as unbroken crayons. So I have a ziplock bag I keep on the bookcase of crayons I find that have met their match with one of my kids. Today I decided it was time to use them!

Not exactly like normal crayons .. but much cooler!

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