Throwing in the flag!

It’s Tuesday and I QUIT!

I knew that I’d taken on a lot, but hey, I’m a mom.  It’s sort of in the job description, right?  Soccer camp – which requires quite a lot of running around on my part since Sophia is only half day, and Nola is full day.  Soccer practices – every day but Friday this week.  I have to wash soccer uniforms every night since Sophia only has one pair of shorts that fit really well, and well, I don’t want sweaty soccer gear laying around my house.  The shin guards and cleats are odoriferous enough on their own.  O_o

Here is where I admit that I could not possibly do this without David.  The last two days have proven that the little things help SO much.  He’s made sandwiches the last 2 nights, started the dishwasher (I forgot for a solid 36 hours, bowl and spoon status was hitting critical), helping Sophia get her shin guards/socks/cleats on in the morning … and even making dinner last night.

Just thinking about the last 2 days makes me tired.  Only 2 more left, and then Friday will seem easy.  This weekend I don’t know if I should be productive, or just relax the entire weekend.  All I know is this is already the longest week ever, and I only have one weekend in the next 2 months that will not be totally crazy, and as luck would have it – my birthday lands on that weekend!

I’m off to bed, and will update with somewhat relevant material soon.  Maybe.  If I make it through the week.  😉