Artisan Bread

In my Thrift Store Score post I mentioned the artisan bread recipe I’d been aching to try. I made a few batches that all turned out sort of “meh”. So I talked to Stephanie, who has been making the artisan bread for some time now and found out how to work home milled flour in. I spent a pretty penny on the grain mill after all (by “I” what I really mean is “David”), so I want to use it as much as I can.

With some tweaks in place between the recipes I’ve seen I finally found a decent middle ground for my elevation, oven, flour, dutch oven … you know, all those variables that can totally screw up a recipe.

It looks like a bit of a wreck…

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Thrift Store Score!

Thursday was payday, and it was also 25% off day for the club card holders. I had promised Sophia a pair of pants with a gem on the button as she was distraught when she found out Nola’s new pair had it. My 5 year old is a clothes addict, only further proven by the hysterics she was driven to today when I sat her down to go through her ungodly amount of clothes. I have a thrift store problem, and she has an older sister who is not much larger than she is, so hand-me-downs are the norm. I do like to get her “new to her” things, because her tastes in clothes do NOT mirror her sisters.

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