I dye.

I dye fiber.  Yarn and silk mostly.  Sometimes I will dye cotton, but I only have a few dyes for that.  I sell it and have a registered website, and I am even registered with my state.  I’m not as serious about it as I’m sure I should be, but I want to keep it fun for me.  I just recently finished a co-op and took pictures outside.  I think I might dye yarn just in part to try and take artsy-fartsy photos when I’m done.  😉

This is one of my favorite colorways, Toffee Coffee.

The irony in the fact that I dye yarn is that I can barely knit or crochet. This was my first attempt at knitting…

I didn’t get too much further.  Although I did dye that yarn, with Kool-Aid , and I still have it.

For as much as I love food, I think a food blog might be the wrong direction, but I can’t exactly put my finger on why….. *rofl*

Do you do any crafty stuff?