A quick note…

I’m working on finding recipes that past muster in my house.

It’s not easy.

I’m picky as hell. David doesn’t eat pork, and is currently leaning towards being vegetarian. Sophia is a self imposed vegetarian 90% of the time. Nola, well this is a bless her heart moment, because the little turd has decided that she’s only a carnivore and does not like plants. *head desk* Anyone see how this could be tricky for me? No? Me either. /sarcasm

Despite all that, I’m at the very least going to stick to my few rules of thumb when it comes to food for my family…

~ No MSG.
~ No HFCS.

Pretty simple. I get a little skeeved out by the word hydrogenated as well, but that’s less a concern than the two listed. I’m not in a position to buy all organics anymore, and I’m not going to turn my nose up at a cheap bag of pasta. My problem is that so many of these “easy” or “omg yum” recipes contain cream of something soup, or Lipton onion soup packets. Both contain MSG. While I still have some left, and will use them up as not to waste them, I will not purchase them again. I can make homemade cream of mushroom soup, and I have a homemade “cream of ?” mix I made from a recipe on Pinterst as well. I’ll have to find an MSG free alternative to the Lipton soup mix. If you know of one please let me know!!

Now, back to getting this house back in order so it doesn’t look like I’ve neglected it for an entire week. 😛


Cheddar Crackers

My girls love cheese. They love crackers. They love cheesy crackers, especially the ones shaped like fish. I of course am becoming increasingly greedy with my allotted bi-weekly food funds. I’ve seen many cheddar cracker recipes floating around Pinterest and decided it was time to make some. It’s fairly simple, you’ll make a little bit of a mess, but no worse than any other baking. Which means I ended up with flour on the microwave mounted above the stove. No, I’m not totally sure how.

Mmm cheese.

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I think I’ve mentioned it …

I’m bad at blogging.


okay I downright suck at it.  😉

Lots has changed since August.  If I thought the middle of the month was fun the 2 weeks that followed included a move and the decision to give up our house.  We’ve since completed a short sale on it, and frankly we were amazed that it sold as fast as it did, and that we didn’t end up in foreclosure.

Nola is in a public charter school, and struggling.  Homeschooling a strong willed child is not easy for the strong willed mother.  We’re just biding time until we get in to the charter Montessori school (next school year) that both of the girls have fallen in love with.

I’ve been working more on my photography.  I helped at a wedding and have done a couple large scale model shoots as well as two private shoots.  I’ve also booked my first wedding!  Baby steps, but they are steps.  😀

With all the changes our focuses have had to change when it comes to money.  Of course this means my once happy little organic lifestyle – when I never took into consideration that I was spending $200 a week easy – has had to come to a screeching halt.  Even the nice organic milk is a treat. My bi-weekly household budget is $250.  I’ve got to get back to making as much as I can at home.

I have slashed the amount of meat we eat so I can still buy organic grass fed meat though.  I can’t give up the organic meat because traditional meat skeeves me out to the point of preferring vegetarianism over meat eating.  I’m hoping to set aside income tax return to put towards a quarter or half cow from a local rancher.

Tomorrow I have an order coming in from Bramble Berry and I’ll soon be posting my adventures in lip balm and lotion making as well as a second adventure in deodorant making.  🙂

Tuna Casserole

Roux scares me.

I’ve not had the proverbial testicular fortitude to try to make it until this tuna casserole. I do not claim that it’s anything similar to what someone who makes cajun dishes would make, but it did made a thickened sauce that I needed for the casserole. I’m actually going to be using the same method tonight for dinner to make another type of casserole. 🙂

Mmmm I want more now that I'm looking at the pictures.

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Herbs and Spices

I love fresh herbs and spices, and really who doesn’t? I’ve been in the process of making something more than once to find that I don’t have what I need. Once I had sage on hand, but not ground. Uhhh … crap. I of course happen to be a gadget freak, and while that causes issues with cabinet space it comes in handy for random instances such as the above mentioned sage issue. How?

A coffee grinder!

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