Family Cloth

Go ahead, wrinkle your nose.

Make some gagging noises.

I’ll wait.

Recoil in horror.

Shake your head.

Say something that amounts to “No way, no how!” .. and then in your head think “That chick is crazy. Dirty hippy!”

If you’ve heard of family cloth before, likely because you’ve been sucked into the cloth diapering world, but couldn’t make that jump then you’re pretty much where I was not too long ago. Stephanie will be more than happy to comment here and tell the story of my absolute horror of the notion of cloth diapers when Nola was a baby. I ended up using cloth on her as much as half the time after she was a year old. The last 6 months she was in diapers she was in cloth 100% of the time (no daycare to appease with disposable diapers), and Sophia was cloth diapered 95% of the time (the move from TX back to NV there was about 3 months were I did disposable diapers, moving and cloth is a pain). After Sophia potty trained I refused to do away with the lovely soft bamboo velour wipes I had gotten. Then Stephanie and her kids were going to crash at my place for a night or two, and I felt obligated to make them feel as at home as possible…

Cute and fluffy!

There is potential for TMI under the cut, because hey, I am doing a post about cloth butt wipes after all. 😉

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