The last week and a half has been crazy…

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2013 in 2013 – Update #2

I had started a draft on Wednesday to update my progress on 2013 in 2013, and I got busy. I got all the stuff I’d gotten together thus far to the thrift store. I can park in my garage again!!

My total items from that trip was 242.

The Grand Total is now 542.

1,471 left to go! 🙂


2013 in 2013 – Update #1

Despite getting a late start to this it finally motivated me to go through all my crap. I had clothes in my closet from the girls that they haven’t worn in years! I did keep a couple of nice Gymboree dresses that I am waiting to find the right person to give them to. They’re the more expensive “fancy” dresses, and I can’t stomach putting them in a thrift store (I’m a dork, I am aware of this). I have the same attachment to the shopping cart cover I used with Sophia, but I *do* have a home to send that to, which I need to do next payday without fail. Now if I could just consolidate the craft and fabric bins in my closet…

I also decided to start tackling the garage, and that will remain a work in progress at least through Wednesday when I get Sophia from school. Between not feeling well, birthday parties, and my low paying side job I’m strapped for time and energy. I do have to have it done by Wednesday afternoon, because my parents get in that afternoon. If I didn’t have to get some work done tonight I’d go out and continue tidying up.

I suppose you might be wondering how many items I’ve gotten rid of …


That’s pretty good for not even 2 weeks. I said I’d be on fire at first due to my packrat habits. Tomorrow will bring more for sure! 🙂

Only 1,713 to go!


2013 in 2013

What is 2013 in 2013? It’s really simple…

In 2013 toss/donate/sell/trade 2013 items.

This does not include basic day to day trash, unless of course you are cleaning out that famous junk drawer/cabinet/closet, a refrigerator/freezer, or your pantry.

I’m getting to this party late, but based on how much I have just sitting around that I had intended to sell or take to the thrift store this should go pretty fast at first. I am a bit of a pack rat (as is David to be honest) and I have all the intentions in the world of taking stuff to donation, but I honestly only end up there like 10% of the time. Actually I’ve purchased more from thrift stores than I’ve donated. O_O

So, here’s to 2013 less items in my home in 2013!



I finally got around to making the blog look decent, and I like it! I hope everyone who had been here in the past will enjoy the changes, and I am aiming to be better about blogging. Will it be every day? Certainly not. Will I aim for a few times a week given that no one in my house is suffering from some plague or virus of doom? Yes, that’s my goal.

The new year has not been as kind to my household as I would like. I got something that I will only describe as Norovirus minus the puking (being nauseated the day before it hit full force meant that I was spared that nasty side effect). David and the girls have also been under the weather. Lots of sneezing, coughing, and an entire box of Kleenex has been demolished in the span of a week. Everyone has to be feeling better by February 6th though, no excuses.


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Oh hey there!

I am SO behind this week now. Monday I started the week with the house caught up, lots of baking bread, and feeling like I would conquer this week. Tuesday after making some bread I got a phone call from my mom saying they were just about to my house. I forgot they were going to be in town! Crap! So Tuesday afternoon was spent with Sophia and my parents. I’m not complaining because my parents leave in 11 days to move to Ecuador.

While my mom and I were waiting in the atrium of the Montessori school for Nola to get out of class Nola’s teacher approached me about chaperoning the field trip the next day. I agreed. That night Nola had soccer practice, and it was our end of season party.

Wednesday morning was spent at a pumpkin patch. The afternoon I took Sophia to a few thrift stores to mill about that are right around the corner from the school. I need to save gas, because the van is a gas hog. Wednesday afternoon Sophia had soccer practice.

Thursday morning I agreed to help Nola’s teacher get her address book in Outlook cleaned up and cross referenced with what she has on file to ensure parents are getting the e-mails. Before I even got started on that it was discovered that one of the class rats had died. There was questions, theories, crying, and concern by the teacher as to what should be done. I did though get to see how the teacher and her aid dealt with such things on the fly. Montessori is far different from traditional school to begin with, and to see how something so sensitive was handled was very interesting. I milled around Savers a bit, and treated myself to lunch before getting Sophia. After that we needed to hit up WinCo to get apples for her apple tasting on Friday, and I got all my paperwork in to the Girl Scout office so I can start a troop. I also had PTO meeting that night. Looking back Thursday was a day of pure crazy.

Friday morning was the “Second Cup of Coffee” with the principal of the school, and after that I came home, got the PTO stuff e-mailed to Nola’s teacher (did I mention I’m the PTO class representative, because I am). Then I went to Target to get my free Lindor Truffles (go like them on Facebook and look for the giveaway coupon to print!), and while I was there I picked up the flyers for the Target Debit card to put at the front desk of the school. 5% off, and 1% back to the school of your choice, can’t beat that!

Saturday was the last 2 soccer games of my soccer coaching career, because I have no intentions of doing it again to be honest. I think starting up and maintaining a Girl Scout troop will be more than enough for me from here out. There was also an event at the school for the PTO I attended as a “vendor”. I put out some photography business related stuff and ran a ring toss. Then we came home and had movie night. Popcorn, root beer floats, Monsters Inc., and a Hot Pocket each.

Today I need to get caught up. Laundry, dishes, sweeping, moping, dusting, and using the chicken that has been thawed out for 2 days now. This weeks Baking Bucket List hasn’t been done. I think I’ll likely combine it with another week or two. I still need to order vanilla beans, and my mom has requested a pecan pie for the train portion of their move to Ecuador. So pecan pie on week 11 will switch places with apple pie on week 4 (which is when I think I’ll do vanilla bean ice cream).

I have other things planned too that will be keeping me busy for awhile. Trying to make things easier in the long run means putting some time and effort in now, and of course my life wouldn’t be normal right now without chaos. 😉

Throwing in the flag!

It’s Tuesday and I QUIT!

I knew that I’d taken on a lot, but hey, I’m a mom.  It’s sort of in the job description, right?  Soccer camp – which requires quite a lot of running around on my part since Sophia is only half day, and Nola is full day.  Soccer practices – every day but Friday this week.  I have to wash soccer uniforms every night since Sophia only has one pair of shorts that fit really well, and well, I don’t want sweaty soccer gear laying around my house.  The shin guards and cleats are odoriferous enough on their own.  O_o

Here is where I admit that I could not possibly do this without David.  The last two days have proven that the little things help SO much.  He’s made sandwiches the last 2 nights, started the dishwasher (I forgot for a solid 36 hours, bowl and spoon status was hitting critical), helping Sophia get her shin guards/socks/cleats on in the morning … and even making dinner last night.

Just thinking about the last 2 days makes me tired.  Only 2 more left, and then Friday will seem easy.  This weekend I don’t know if I should be productive, or just relax the entire weekend.  All I know is this is already the longest week ever, and I only have one weekend in the next 2 months that will not be totally crazy, and as luck would have it – my birthday lands on that weekend!

I’m off to bed, and will update with somewhat relevant material soon.  Maybe.  If I make it through the week.  😉

I think I’ve mentioned it …

I’m bad at blogging.


okay I downright suck at it.  😉

Lots has changed since August.  If I thought the middle of the month was fun the 2 weeks that followed included a move and the decision to give up our house.  We’ve since completed a short sale on it, and frankly we were amazed that it sold as fast as it did, and that we didn’t end up in foreclosure.

Nola is in a public charter school, and struggling.  Homeschooling a strong willed child is not easy for the strong willed mother.  We’re just biding time until we get in to the charter Montessori school (next school year) that both of the girls have fallen in love with.

I’ve been working more on my photography.  I helped at a wedding and have done a couple large scale model shoots as well as two private shoots.  I’ve also booked my first wedding!  Baby steps, but they are steps.  😀

With all the changes our focuses have had to change when it comes to money.  Of course this means my once happy little organic lifestyle – when I never took into consideration that I was spending $200 a week easy – has had to come to a screeching halt.  Even the nice organic milk is a treat. My bi-weekly household budget is $250.  I’ve got to get back to making as much as I can at home.

I have slashed the amount of meat we eat so I can still buy organic grass fed meat though.  I can’t give up the organic meat because traditional meat skeeves me out to the point of preferring vegetarianism over meat eating.  I’m hoping to set aside income tax return to put towards a quarter or half cow from a local rancher.

Tomorrow I have an order coming in from Bramble Berry and I’ll soon be posting my adventures in lip balm and lotion making as well as a second adventure in deodorant making.  🙂