Meal Prep // The First Attempt

I have to admit right off the bat that I can be exceedingly lazy. Like, I am that mom that goes grocery shopping and then I’m too tired from running around for most of the day – so I get pizza. Meal prepping is a mixed bag to me. One one hand it frees me from having to really stop to consider what constitutes our larger meal of the day for David and me, but it also requires a solid amount of effort to put together. Do I worry every day, or bust my ass once?

I figured I’d try the doing it once route – which for the record was really like a horribly planned 3 day affair for me this time around. I still managed to pull it off though!


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When I grow up…

… I want to be a ____________.

That’s the question that at 35 I’ve only just begun to attempt to figure out.

I finally decided to go to college and at the very least begin getting core classes out of the way while I really made up my mind. I narrowed it down to nursing or nutrition and began school with the expectation of eventually becoming a nurse. I just completed my first semester taking math and English, and I got a 3.5 GPA!

I continued to research my plans throughout this past semester, plot out my courses, and figure out what path I would take. I discovered that as much as some aspects of nursing are interesting to me, some aspects of it are not at all what I want to do day in and day out. Having a family that has been in various aspects of the medical field, I know how it’s one of those jobs that requires a special person with drive and dedication regardless of what is thrown at them. While I may have been 99% dedicated, I knew that the little 1% of uncertainty would have an impact eventually. So I went back to what I had wanted to do from the start – nutrition.

My intention is to do my associate’s degree in such a way that I can go on to obtain my bachelor’s in nutrition and become a registered dietician if I so choose. Currently, my goal is to complete my associate’s degree with some extra courses so I can become a “Dietetic Technician, Registered”. At that point, I can either look for a job in the medical industry or do something home-based. The latter is what I really want to do.

So, while I am in school I am going to slowly work on what my goals will be as I’m sure my education will play a huge role in how I approach nutrition going forward. A number of people who know me well can tell you about my tendency to plan, make lists, and really nail down particulars in an almost scary manner. I really do like lists and planning, so it seems almost natural to me to help others. This is going to be a multi-year process, with graduation being in fall of 2020 or spring of 2021, so I’ll have lots of time to plan!